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McCain’s FU to Palin?

anyone else watch mccain on SNL and wonder why the heck is he allowing fey rip apart palin?

the gawker suggests that this was mccain’s attempt to get back at palin for her absolutely pathetic performance. as don allen talked about several weeks ago, palin has essentially gone rogue, she’s been critical of the way mccain has handled the campaign and critical of the way she was shielded from the media by mccain’s staff. she’s basically been running for 2012 at mccain’s expense.

this definitely does come across as a hostile shot from mccain.

so what does that say about him? not only did was VP pick an abysmal failure, but he has also been utterly incapable of asserting control of his own campaign.

this is what happens when you give someone the second most important job in the country after meeting her only once.

i had to go through more interviews and more hoops than palin, when i applied for a job at the local mall.


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Palin refuses to call abortion bombers “terrorists”

as uncle johnny watches on….

edited to add the rest of what she said:

i dont know if you use the word terrorist. It’s unacceptable, and it would not be condoned, of course, on our watch. But if what you’re asking is if I regret referring to Bill Ayers as an unrepenting domestic terrorist, I don’t regret characterizing him as that.

how bout this question for sarah:

is timothy mcveigh a terrorist?

“i dont know if i would call him a terrorist. It’s unacceptable, and it would not be condoned, of course, on our watch. But if what you’re asking is if I regret referring to Bill Ayers as an unrepenting domestic terrorist, I don’t regret characterizing him as that.”

or how bout if obama was asked:

do you believe that bill ayers is a terrorist and his plot to blow up government buildings constitutes terrorism?

“i dont know if i would call him a terrorist. It’s unacceptable, and it would not be condoned, of course, on our watch.”

how would that fly?

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Abortion – Who’s the real radical here?

“In short, Senator Obama is a politician who has long since left behind even the middle ground on the issue of life….He hopes that you won’t notice how radical, absolutely radical his idea is on this, and his record is, until it’s too late.” ~ sarah palin 10/11/08

an ad in missouri

obama’s the radical, even though it’s mccain who wants to overturn roe vs wade and it’s mccain who wants a constitutional amendment to ban abortion.

in fact, since his time in office, john mccain has been against reproductive choice 125 out of 130 times.

but no that’s not radical, even though the majority of americans are pro-choice.

palin herself is unsure how un-radical she is.

at one point she said that women who were raped or are the victim of incest should be allowed to abort, but at another point she said that she’s opposed to abortion even in those situations (see link here).

and once again, that’s something that the vast majority (86% according to a time poll) of americans disagree with.

but going against the will of the people isn’t radical.

it’s “mavericky”, right?

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McCainism of the Day

“Well, basically, it’s a Google.” –on how he’s conducting his VP search, Richmond, Virginia, June 9, 2008

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McCain:It is all about character.

When a man, (or woman) is down, and things look bleak for the immediate future as their luck has turned against them people instinctively choose one of two paths that define their character. They either lash out at all around them blaming everyone but themselves for their misfortunes, or they admit their failings, adjust their course, and begin to pick up the pieces of their lives one by one until they get back on solid footing. This defines character more than any other attribute or failing because at some point in every humans life we fail.

A few weeks back we seen John McCain’s campaign come out of the Republican National Convention with a surge in the polls, a unified party, and an overnight celebrity in the form of Sarah Palin that took the Republican base by storm. Over a two week period we watched as the McCain camp seemed almost giddy in its expectations of victory over Obama and for the first time we even heard talk of Republicans limiting their losses in congressional races.

All the while Barrack Obama stayed on point and delivered the message he has repeated for almost two years on: a struggling middle class, a mismanaged war, a health care crisis, and the time to change eight years of failed policy.  McCain and the republicans in turn, said the race for the presidency wasn’t about issues, it was about character implying the Obama had none.  Obama would have none of it and continued to insist to the American people in a calm and rational tone that the issues were real and it was John McCain who was out of touch.

Then, in a span of seven days the American people abruptly find out that our nation is in an economic turmoil not seen since the “great depression”.  With a steady hand Obama studied the problem, consulted with the best economic advisers of our time, and drew the conclusion that indeed a rescue plan would be needed to veer off an economic disaster of biblical proportions. On the first day of this crisis John McCain proudly proclaimed that the economy was “fundamentally strong,” we now know he was “fundamentally wrong.”

A week later, while Barrack Obama worked behind the scenes, kept in constant communication with Hank Paulson as well has his own economic advisers, he continued to make his scheduled public appearances and assured the American people that: “we’d be okay, we would turn this thing around, but that it would take time.” In the mean time, John McCains poll numbers started to slip as more and more voters began to see “the maverick” as a “loose cannon,” firing away with ridiculous rhetoric in a time of national crisis, like suggesting that Chris Cox the S.E.C chairman should be fired as a way of sending a message. To whom? For what purpose? Who knows? It certainly wasn’t the answer to the problem. The poll numbers slipped further,  prompting McCain to make a grand stand play of such idiotic proportions even ardent supporters began to scratch their heads as McCain proclaimed he would “Suspend his campaign, cancel the presidential debates and go to Washington”.

Meanwhile an unperturbed Barack Obama held a press conference suggesting that injecting presidential politics into the negotiations was precisely the wrong thing to do. He suggested that canceling the debates at a time when the American people needed to know more than ever where the candidates stood on the issues was paramount.  While John McCain created a sense of drama that only he could act out, Barack Obama held steadfast to his conviction that throwing gasoline on a raging fire would make the situation worse, as it played out we saw that Barack Obama was right and John McCain was wrong.

The result of the last four weeks has been a republican campaign in disarray. From a Vice Presidential pick tauted by none other than Rush Limbaugh as an “Effing Home run” turning into a “Foul Ball” to the “Maverick McCain” auditioning for a stage version “Mr. Magoo for President,” this campaign is imploding.

So now with his poll numbers crumbling, more and more people realize that the emperor has no clothes, John McCain is down on his luck. But, instead of taking the high road and addressing the American people with his famous “Straight Talk” express, he has chosen to lash out at his opponent with vicious attacks about terrorist associations and making up half truths about Obama’s character that are so beneath response they’d be laughable if they weren’t so pathetic.

Obviously, we are witnessing the true character of John McCain, a power obsessed angry old man who hates the idea that a black man might beat him out of the Presidency. You can almost imagine the vile things that must spew from McCain’s lips when behind closed doors out of earshot of those but his closest advisers. Oh forgive me, you don’t have to imagine, just wait for McCain’s next commercial calling Obama everything but a white man.


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The Poetry of Sarah Palin

inspired by slate magazine‘s previous endeavor, i have gone through the debate for the sole purpose of sharing to the world the beauty that is sarah palin’s poetry.

everything that is below, has been taken verbatim from the debates.

What he is

Look, the maverick

Let’s talk about the maverick John McCain is

And, again, I love him

He’s been a maverick

Backwards Joe

Say it ain’t so, Joe,

There you go again

Pointing backwards again

The Joke

A lame attempt at a joke

And yours was a lame attempt at a joke, too

I guess

Because nobody got it

Take a Look at my Achilles Heel

But even more important

Is that world view that I share with John McCain

The Media Will Prove You Wrong

I think tomorrow morning

the pundits are going to start

do the who said what

at what time

and we’ll have proof of some of this

Be Free

mainstream media

kind of telling viewers

what they’ve just heard

i’d rather be able to just speak

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Did she really just wink at us?

well gosh darn! say it ain’t so…

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