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McCainism of the Day

” I don’t care about an old washed-up terrorist…” (McCain at the third presidential debate)


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Barack Obama’s friend tried to kill my family

despite mccain palin supporters increasing ferociousness, with the racial slurs shouted, and with the threats and the ugly insults hurled at obama,  john mccain has released a press statement from a man who declares:

“Barack Obama’s friend tried to kill my family”.

the “friend” of course, is william ayers, the weather underground radical who set bombs in the 1960s and 70s. as mccain’s poll numbers have dropped, his attempts to find connections with obama and ayers have become more desperate and more spurious.

the non-partisan site factcheck.org has continuously dimissed mccain’s claims as “groundless, false, and dubious”.

none of these facts have stopped palin from saying at a rally that obama has been palling around with terrorists (as frank rich of the NYT’s points out, notice the plural there). in fact, throughout this month, as the economy is on the verge of collapse, and the entire world is looking for the next president to lead us out of this crisis, john mccain’s camp has not so quietly played up the “barack hussein obama is a terrorist card”.

over the past week, an independent watchdog has found that 100% of john mccain’s ads have been negative, compared to  34% negative ads from obama.

because the only thing you can base a campaign on when you have no answers is fear.

and that’s something john mccain definitely knows how to play up.

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