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McCain/Palin: Con them!

SNL had some fun with the “Crazy McCain Lady” last  week, you know, the woman who insisted to McCain’s face that she was afraid of Barrack Obama because he was an Arab. Maybe you just laughed it off as some goofy woman who managed to escape the institution and ended up at McCains rally, or maybe, just maybe, you don’t think she’s crazy at all.

Unfortunately, she may be more representative of the electorate than most of us would care to believe, and that could be a big problem for Senator Obama.

McCain is losing this race on the issues, on his poor choice for Vice President, on his erratic behavior, and on his inability to connect with middle class voters. However there is a place where McCain, and the republican spin machine  feel they might just have a chance to steal the election. A dark place.  A place where good Christian people try hard not to think about.  A place that exists in the hearts and minds of uninformed easily manipulated people who can be scared into making irrational decisions.

How many times do we read about the little old lady or man who lost their fortunes to some con-man promising everything while taking everything but the shirts on their backs.  Like the late Paul Newman in the Sting once said, “The mark never knows what hits him in a good con”.

McCain and Palin are shooting for the “GOOD CON.”

Since they can’t win on merit, McCain and Palin opted for intimidating and scaring voters into beliving an absolute pack of lies about Barrack Obama in hopes of manipulating the minds of those voters who lead simple lives and fear anything or anybody that may not look like themselves.

It isn’t a mistake that people at McCain/Palin rallies are calling Obama a terrorist, its a design. It’s not a mistake that the Mcain/Palin campaign is “ROBO” calling thousands of people with a quick statement as to Obama’s “terrorist ties”, it’s by design. It isn’t a mistake that every low level McCain spokesman continues to evoke the idea of Obama’s association with Bill Ayers as somehow related to “terrorist activity”, it’s by design. It’s designed to provoke distrust and hatred.

It’s one thing for McCain to want to win the election but quite another to incite people with limited capacity to separate rhetoric from truth about your opponent. To literally scare a senior citizen, or a poorly educated factory worker into believing that Barrack Obama is a demon they must fear is no better than a con-man.



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Palin/McCain: KILL HIM! Are you serious?




We live in a time that has witnessed atrocity’s that rival those of the greatest evil to ever inhabit the human form. We’ve seen people beheaded on television for nothing more than publicity. We’ve seen women stoned to death for falling in love with a man of another religion. We’ve seen young girls raped by thugs masquerading as militants keeping people in line, and we witnessed thousands of innocent people die in the single most horrific attack on this nation ever.  Each and every one of us live with the notion that maybe, just maybe a terrorist will plot to blow up a bridge we cross, a train we ride, a building we work at, or store where we shop.

We know these things are real because we’ve seen them up front and personal, but we don’t hide, we don’t crawl into a bunker and pray the bad guys will disappear, we stand up straight and walk out of our homes every day as Americans proud of who we are and most importantly knowing that when confronted by those who would do us harm – our nation harm – or our countrymen harm, we will stand tall and defend ourselves, our families and our neighbors.  What we have witnessed in the last week from John McCain and Sarah Palin defies logic, defies reason and most importantly defies every single principle John McCain has stood for in his 72 years on this planet.

On at least three occasions this week McCain or Palin have held rallies where screams of hatred or chants of death to Obama (parapharsed) were hurled from the crowds in loud unmistakable fashion. If you didn’t know better you would think the rally was being held in the streets of Tehran or in Lebanon. But no, these were Americans chanting death to another American.  Threats to kill a man,, who like McCain,, believes in his country and wants to be president to serve the greater good of the people. 

Amazingly, neither McCain or Palin, halted their prepared speech’s and condemned those hurling the disrespectful remarks aimed at Barack Obama. In fact, the point could and should be made that the candidates themselves in-sighted the very hatred of these people by referring to  Barack’s middle name Hussain and continuing to imply that he “pals around with terrorists” an outrageous assertion of such magnitude that it boggles the imagination, it’s just not true, and they know it.

This is not leadership, this is disgusting, it’s so beneath the American people and what we stand for as a nation its a travesty to watch.  I’m ashamed of John McCain.

I don’t care what your politics are, I’m serious, if McCain wants to call Obama a “Nigger” or “That One” then fine, but to stand idly by while your opponent, the father of two beautiful children and the husband of a lovely lady is threatened with death by a crowd of supporters you egged on, is not just wrong, but by any standard, UN-AMERICAN.  No one knows who the hell Sarah Palin is, but I’d like to know what the hell has happened to John McCain? 



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