Palin refuses to call abortion bombers “terrorists”

as uncle johnny watches on….

edited to add the rest of what she said:

i dont know if you use the word terrorist. It’s unacceptable, and it would not be condoned, of course, on our watch. But if what you’re asking is if I regret referring to Bill Ayers as an unrepenting domestic terrorist, I don’t regret characterizing him as that.

how bout this question for sarah:

is timothy mcveigh a terrorist?

“i dont know if i would call him a terrorist. It’s unacceptable, and it would not be condoned, of course, on our watch. But if what you’re asking is if I regret referring to Bill Ayers as an unrepenting domestic terrorist, I don’t regret characterizing him as that.”

or how bout if obama was asked:

do you believe that bill ayers is a terrorist and his plot to blow up government buildings constitutes terrorism?

“i dont know if i would call him a terrorist. It’s unacceptable, and it would not be condoned, of course, on our watch.”

how would that fly?


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Fox News: Love affair with Bill Ayers

It’s actally becoming comical to watch Megan Kelly, (the beautiful, intelligent, funny, and fun to watch Megan Kelly) roll out the Bill Ayers/Barack Obama association every morning on her morning show as if TODAY, unlike yesterday, or the day before we may have forgot that John McCain really really wants the world to believe Barack Obama pals around with the “washed up terrorist.”

Megan’s eyeballs almost burst out of her head today while skewering some college professor for signing a petition that basically says Bill Ayers is a respected member of the educational profession and that his reputation as such shouldn’t be in dispute. I actually agree with Megan that Ayers is a unrepentant thug who masks his hatred for the country by consorting with the educational elite as a way of justifying his existence. I disagree with the relevance this has to Obama who everyone agrees has disavowed Bill Ayers, has admitted to a limited association while serving on an educational board with the man and attended an afternoon tea meet and greet some fifteen years ago with the man when he started in politics.

OKAY WE GET IT…  Do you have to whore yourself to the McCain camp everyday with what amounts to a Bill Ayers infomercial every day of the week. I have to believe that even Megan Kelly’s integrity has to be getting a little bruised in this shameless attempt to keep this guy in the news.

…And that’s the problem, Fox news continuing disbelief that their candidate John McCain, is apparently losing this election. It’s a huge problem for Fox because they have built their reputation and fortune around the conservative movement and promoting a republican agenda. Make no mistake that a huge Obama win is as much a referendum on the “Right Wing” smear machines of Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Ingram and company as it is a referendum for a fundamental change of direction for the country. An Obama Presidency, and especially a successful Obama presidency would shatter the distorted politics of misrepresentation by the smear machine led by Fox news.

This is why Fox News has trotted out their best news team of Bill Hemmer and Megan Kelly every morning for the last week to start the day with a one/two punch of why McCain is great and Obama is a bum. While Kelly replays the Bill Ayers and Barack Obama planned to get married when gay marriage becomes legal story, poor Bill Hemmer was sent to Iraq to show first hand how good the surge “JOHN McCAIN” supported was working. It back fired a little today as a suicide bomber took out a convoy, but “Hey, that’s why John McCain says we can’t leave.”

Fox News, who puts the HIP in hypocrisy by claiming main stream media is in the tank for Obama while tauting their news as “Fair and Balanced” runs about a 9-1 ratio of negative stories or slants about Obama. …And that’s fine, they found a niche of about 5 million people who watch their advertising and make money for them and want them to promote their guy, but at some point I’d feel a whole lot more comfortable if they would just change the name of their news cast to FAUX NEWS, that would be “fair and Balanced.”



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McCainism of the Day

“No one has supported President Bush on Iraq more than I have.” (3/28/08)

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Colin Powell: “I’m voting for Obama”

The republicans are already spinning the absolute insignificance of today’s announcement that Colin powell’s endorsement of Barrack Obama is anything but one black man pandering to another. This of course was to be expected from a campaign that is hell bent on alienating anyone who gets in the way of it’s quest to achieve power. It doesn’t matter if Powell was a General, a Statesman, a trusted confidant of republican leaders for the last 20 years, or a stalwart of conservative values.  Nope, now he’s just a dupe, a lackey, a turncoat. “Don’t pay attention to him he’s black, what’s he suppose to say,” is the conventional wisdom shot from the bun holes of conservative pun-dents such as Rush Limbaugh the most infamous half truth teller on this planet.

This was a great day for the Obama campaign, but not the endorsement exactly, more the vitriol and negative reaction that is beginning to bubble from the depths of rotted souls of the republican spin doctors that need to paint Powell’s confirmation of Obama’s ability as mere fodder.

The problem: The American people won’t buy this round of republican pig slop.

 Colin Powell is not only one of the most respected people in the country, he is one of the most honest, with a record to back him up. A man of total integrity, self awareness, and discipline that both liberals and conservatives respect without question.  While the McCain camp may be inclined to minimize the impact of Colin Powell’s words they can’t dispute the honesty of his opinion, and that bodes well for Obama and America. It is significant because with his endorsement and explanation Powell articulated in one line something that even the Obama campaign couldn’t do.

Powell called the McCain campaign a “narrowing” of republican values that excluded many Americans. 

Exclusion has been the theme of the republican campaign, “if you’re not with us you must be against us.” “You must be Un-American.” “You must be a terrorist.”  “You must not love your country.”  On and on the theme continues that if you dare question the republican authority of say something against republican values you must be WRONG!

This is the republican message and this is why Colin Powell’s words mean something, he is a Republican, and he is an American, and he has just told the republican party, ENOUGH is ENOUGH.  Good job Colin….



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McCains Campaign: Real Virginia = Real Stupid

  …And so it goes that another McCain advisor  “Nancy Pfotenhauer”  stepped in doggy doodoo on MSNBC while trying to explain who the “Real Virginians” of Virginia must be.  Obviously they are not anyone interested in voting for Barrack Obama because that would be Un-American as pointed out the day before by “Michelle Bachmann” the idiot, sorry, I mean esteemed congress woman from Minnesota. 

In case you missed that interesting revelation, Ms Bachmann was interviewed by Chris Matthews of Hardball when she somehow found herself transported back to the days of congressional witch-hunts of the 1950’s.  Yes,  within the matter of 5 minutes this twisted soul managed to condemn Barrack Obama, most of congress, and 40% of the electorate as Un-American with an agenda to somehow destroy the principles of our great nation. However, it seems that the only people she believed to be UN-American were those who disagreed with her premise that John McCain should be the next President.  

So between Nancy and Michelle you are Un-American if you vote democratic and not “Real” if you support Obama in Virginia.  Add to that Sarah Palin’s recent remarks that she liked to visit the real patriotic places in America and you might just get the sense that these three woman are:

A. Female wannabes of the three stooges.

B. Castoffs from “Desperate housewives”

c. Fear mongering losers desperate to incite “racism, hatred, anti-American feelings from uninformed voters.

The answer is of course – A.  Female reprisal of the “Three Stooges.”  Thank God we cleared that up because if anyone ever took these three woman as anything but brainless dimwitted pandering fools, we’d be in trouble.   I’l betya Sarah gets the role of “Moe.” 



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McCain/Palin: Con them!

SNL had some fun with the “Crazy McCain Lady” last  week, you know, the woman who insisted to McCain’s face that she was afraid of Barrack Obama because he was an Arab. Maybe you just laughed it off as some goofy woman who managed to escape the institution and ended up at McCains rally, or maybe, just maybe, you don’t think she’s crazy at all.

Unfortunately, she may be more representative of the electorate than most of us would care to believe, and that could be a big problem for Senator Obama.

McCain is losing this race on the issues, on his poor choice for Vice President, on his erratic behavior, and on his inability to connect with middle class voters. However there is a place where McCain, and the republican spin machine  feel they might just have a chance to steal the election. A dark place.  A place where good Christian people try hard not to think about.  A place that exists in the hearts and minds of uninformed easily manipulated people who can be scared into making irrational decisions.

How many times do we read about the little old lady or man who lost their fortunes to some con-man promising everything while taking everything but the shirts on their backs.  Like the late Paul Newman in the Sting once said, “The mark never knows what hits him in a good con”.

McCain and Palin are shooting for the “GOOD CON.”

Since they can’t win on merit, McCain and Palin opted for intimidating and scaring voters into beliving an absolute pack of lies about Barrack Obama in hopes of manipulating the minds of those voters who lead simple lives and fear anything or anybody that may not look like themselves.

It isn’t a mistake that people at McCain/Palin rallies are calling Obama a terrorist, its a design. It’s not a mistake that the Mcain/Palin campaign is “ROBO” calling thousands of people with a quick statement as to Obama’s “terrorist ties”, it’s by design. It isn’t a mistake that every low level McCain spokesman continues to evoke the idea of Obama’s association with Bill Ayers as somehow related to “terrorist activity”, it’s by design. It’s designed to provoke distrust and hatred.

It’s one thing for McCain to want to win the election but quite another to incite people with limited capacity to separate rhetoric from truth about your opponent. To literally scare a senior citizen, or a poorly educated factory worker into believing that Barrack Obama is a demon they must fear is no better than a con-man.


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Every time you look up at the sky, an angel dies

what is this “projector” mccain keeps railing about? every single debate, he and palin have complained about obama providing federal funds for the adler planetarium’s “overhead projector”.

so what is this earmark?

this pork mccain is charging against?

this is it:


that’s the “overhead projector”.

as msnbc explains:

Anyone who’s been to a planetarium knows that a planetarium projector is an incredibly complex and expensive device, and not your garden-variety overhead projector. Two years ago, the Los Angeles Times reported that the Griffith Observatory’s new projector cost more than $3 million. Total cost of the Griffith’s renovation: $93 million.

In response to McCain’s comments, the Adler Planetarium issued a truth-squad statement today. Adler President Paul Knappenberger noted that the Griffith Observatory as well as New York’s Hayden Planetarium received federal funding to replace their projection systems, according to the Chicago Tribune.

perhaps even more revealing than mccain’s dismissal of this “overhead projector” is his contempt for planetariums themselves, which he has called “foolishness”.

it’s foolish for people to gaze up at the sky?

right, because that’s how angels die.

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