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Mavric Speling

frm recint ads:

is proper spelling “elitist” now too?

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Every time you look up at the sky, an angel dies

what is this “projector” mccain keeps railing about? every single debate, he and palin have complained about obama providing federal funds for the adler planetarium’s “overhead projector”.

so what is this earmark?

this pork mccain is charging against?

this is it:


that’s the “overhead projector”.

as msnbc explains:

Anyone who’s been to a planetarium knows that a planetarium projector is an incredibly complex and expensive device, and not your garden-variety overhead projector. Two years ago, the Los Angeles Times reported that the Griffith Observatory’s new projector cost more than $3 million. Total cost of the Griffith’s renovation: $93 million.

In response to McCain’s comments, the Adler Planetarium issued a truth-squad statement today. Adler President Paul Knappenberger noted that the Griffith Observatory as well as New York’s Hayden Planetarium received federal funding to replace their projection systems, according to the Chicago Tribune.

perhaps even more revealing than mccain’s dismissal of this “overhead projector” is his contempt for planetariums themselves, which he has called “foolishness”.

it’s foolish for people to gaze up at the sky?

right, because that’s how angels die.

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Palin/McCain: KILL HIM! Are you serious?




We live in a time that has witnessed atrocity’s that rival those of the greatest evil to ever inhabit the human form. We’ve seen people beheaded on television for nothing more than publicity. We’ve seen women stoned to death for falling in love with a man of another religion. We’ve seen young girls raped by thugs masquerading as militants keeping people in line, and we witnessed thousands of innocent people die in the single most horrific attack on this nation ever.  Each and every one of us live with the notion that maybe, just maybe a terrorist will plot to blow up a bridge we cross, a train we ride, a building we work at, or store where we shop.

We know these things are real because we’ve seen them up front and personal, but we don’t hide, we don’t crawl into a bunker and pray the bad guys will disappear, we stand up straight and walk out of our homes every day as Americans proud of who we are and most importantly knowing that when confronted by those who would do us harm – our nation harm – or our countrymen harm, we will stand tall and defend ourselves, our families and our neighbors.  What we have witnessed in the last week from John McCain and Sarah Palin defies logic, defies reason and most importantly defies every single principle John McCain has stood for in his 72 years on this planet.

On at least three occasions this week McCain or Palin have held rallies where screams of hatred or chants of death to Obama (parapharsed) were hurled from the crowds in loud unmistakable fashion. If you didn’t know better you would think the rally was being held in the streets of Tehran or in Lebanon. But no, these were Americans chanting death to another American.  Threats to kill a man,, who like McCain,, believes in his country and wants to be president to serve the greater good of the people. 

Amazingly, neither McCain or Palin, halted their prepared speech’s and condemned those hurling the disrespectful remarks aimed at Barack Obama. In fact, the point could and should be made that the candidates themselves in-sighted the very hatred of these people by referring to  Barack’s middle name Hussain and continuing to imply that he “pals around with terrorists” an outrageous assertion of such magnitude that it boggles the imagination, it’s just not true, and they know it.

This is not leadership, this is disgusting, it’s so beneath the American people and what we stand for as a nation its a travesty to watch.  I’m ashamed of John McCain.

I don’t care what your politics are, I’m serious, if McCain wants to call Obama a “Nigger” or “That One” then fine, but to stand idly by while your opponent, the father of two beautiful children and the husband of a lovely lady is threatened with death by a crowd of supporters you egged on, is not just wrong, but by any standard, UN-AMERICAN.  No one knows who the hell Sarah Palin is, but I’d like to know what the hell has happened to John McCain? 



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McCain:It is all about character.

When a man, (or woman) is down, and things look bleak for the immediate future as their luck has turned against them people instinctively choose one of two paths that define their character. They either lash out at all around them blaming everyone but themselves for their misfortunes, or they admit their failings, adjust their course, and begin to pick up the pieces of their lives one by one until they get back on solid footing. This defines character more than any other attribute or failing because at some point in every humans life we fail.

A few weeks back we seen John McCain’s campaign come out of the Republican National Convention with a surge in the polls, a unified party, and an overnight celebrity in the form of Sarah Palin that took the Republican base by storm. Over a two week period we watched as the McCain camp seemed almost giddy in its expectations of victory over Obama and for the first time we even heard talk of Republicans limiting their losses in congressional races.

All the while Barrack Obama stayed on point and delivered the message he has repeated for almost two years on: a struggling middle class, a mismanaged war, a health care crisis, and the time to change eight years of failed policy.  McCain and the republicans in turn, said the race for the presidency wasn’t about issues, it was about character implying the Obama had none.  Obama would have none of it and continued to insist to the American people in a calm and rational tone that the issues were real and it was John McCain who was out of touch.

Then, in a span of seven days the American people abruptly find out that our nation is in an economic turmoil not seen since the “great depression”.  With a steady hand Obama studied the problem, consulted with the best economic advisers of our time, and drew the conclusion that indeed a rescue plan would be needed to veer off an economic disaster of biblical proportions. On the first day of this crisis John McCain proudly proclaimed that the economy was “fundamentally strong,” we now know he was “fundamentally wrong.”

A week later, while Barrack Obama worked behind the scenes, kept in constant communication with Hank Paulson as well has his own economic advisers, he continued to make his scheduled public appearances and assured the American people that: “we’d be okay, we would turn this thing around, but that it would take time.” In the mean time, John McCains poll numbers started to slip as more and more voters began to see “the maverick” as a “loose cannon,” firing away with ridiculous rhetoric in a time of national crisis, like suggesting that Chris Cox the S.E.C chairman should be fired as a way of sending a message. To whom? For what purpose? Who knows? It certainly wasn’t the answer to the problem. The poll numbers slipped further,  prompting McCain to make a grand stand play of such idiotic proportions even ardent supporters began to scratch their heads as McCain proclaimed he would “Suspend his campaign, cancel the presidential debates and go to Washington”.

Meanwhile an unperturbed Barack Obama held a press conference suggesting that injecting presidential politics into the negotiations was precisely the wrong thing to do. He suggested that canceling the debates at a time when the American people needed to know more than ever where the candidates stood on the issues was paramount.  While John McCain created a sense of drama that only he could act out, Barack Obama held steadfast to his conviction that throwing gasoline on a raging fire would make the situation worse, as it played out we saw that Barack Obama was right and John McCain was wrong.

The result of the last four weeks has been a republican campaign in disarray. From a Vice Presidential pick tauted by none other than Rush Limbaugh as an “Effing Home run” turning into a “Foul Ball” to the “Maverick McCain” auditioning for a stage version “Mr. Magoo for President,” this campaign is imploding.

So now with his poll numbers crumbling, more and more people realize that the emperor has no clothes, John McCain is down on his luck. But, instead of taking the high road and addressing the American people with his famous “Straight Talk” express, he has chosen to lash out at his opponent with vicious attacks about terrorist associations and making up half truths about Obama’s character that are so beneath response they’d be laughable if they weren’t so pathetic.

Obviously, we are witnessing the true character of John McCain, a power obsessed angry old man who hates the idea that a black man might beat him out of the Presidency. You can almost imagine the vile things that must spew from McCain’s lips when behind closed doors out of earshot of those but his closest advisers. Oh forgive me, you don’t have to imagine, just wait for McCain’s next commercial calling Obama everything but a white man.


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Sarah BARRACUDA, watch out John McCain

In politics one adage defines the career of a politician more than any other, that would be:

                                                             “DOG EAT DOG”

Of the little we do know about Sarah Palin, we know for sure that she is not above throwing someone under the bus to advance her own political career, she did that in Alaska by ratting out some in her party for so called “abuses” which got her the name as a reformer.  We know that the people of Alaska give her tremendous support and think shes the best thing since sliced bread, but we also know that people in both parties are leery of getting on Sarah’s bad side and those especially in her party don’t trust her.

This is interesting because over the last 2 days two seemingly innocent remarks, or non remarks can be attributed to Sarah that could make one scratch at the head and go hmmmmmmmm……

The first comes in the form of a non-remark and goes back to the V.P. debate. Simply put, Sarah didn’t really come to John McCain’s defense very much when attacked by Joe Biden, and almost gleefully chided McCain when talking about drilling in An war. Couple that with her new found acceptance of civil unions for gays and one might just say that she dosen’t  seem in lock step with John in a time when she really needs to be supportive.

The second and much more telling remarks:

…come in the form of bewilderment from Sarah as to why the McCain campaign would stop campaigning in Michigan, a state they must have in order to win the election.  The subtleties of her remarks tell volumes about her state of mind, the McCain’s state of the campaign, and most importantly McCain’s real view of Sarah Palin.  

First examine the disrespect showed Palin by the McCain camp dissing her on the news that the campaign pulled Michigan. According to Palin she read about it in the newspapers.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that McCains people view Sarah as a side show to amuse the public, and NOT a player in the campaign. If this kind of disrespect was handed to Joe Biden by the Obama camp, Biden would rip their hearts out.

Giving Sarah some credit here, she has recognized the snub and more importantly has probably come to the conclusion that she is not highly thought of by the Karl Rove campaign staff and that her opinions on such matters are not considered at all.  Hence, Sarah, who remember,, is not dumb by any stretch of the imagination, may have decided that she had best start looking out for herself and her future since regardless of the presidential race outcome this is McCains final shot. So here we have sweet little Sarah basically shooting a moose across the bow of her boss’s ship in effect telling the camp that they are dead wrong on Michigan, and better think twice about making such an announcement before confering with her. Strong Stuff from the little lady.

Back to the debate for a moment:

Lost in the circus like atmosphere of the medias big ring wonder tent, the world watched in awe to see if the gorgeous trapeze girl would plunge 80 feet to her demise in her virgin leap off the political platform. She didn’t of course. However, if you watch closely, and listen closely, you saw something of a diversion by Sarah Palin that went right over the tops of the medias most savoy pun-dents. The subliminal message you received from Sarah Palin was not firm conviction of her fearless leader, but instead, a warm embrace of her opponent Joe Biden, and a singular message to the American people that “I Sarah Palin, have arrived.” 

Now, its been two days since the debate, and people aren’t talking about John McCain’s great plans for America, they’re saying to themselves, “That Palin woman didn’t seem to bad, after-all, I think she has a real future in national politics.”  Sarah took care of Sarah.

Now follow that up with the Michigan remarks and you begin to see a picture emerging that isn’t very flattering to John McCain, the risk of putting a MAVERICK on your ticket is that you could get stabbed in the back, he has.

Now the final point on McCains suicide trip out of Michigan, his campaign is effectively over, (barring some incredible lapse in judgement by Obama in the next few weeks) McCain is sliding faster than a White Castle hamburger down the gullet of a Saturday night drunk.  It was a huge mistake for the campaign to admit defeat in Michigan because defeatism spreads like wildfire and the republican base will sit out the election if they feel little hope in making a difference, I’m sure we will see a correction in the coming days as to the wordplay on this but, the damage may well have been done.

D.G Allen, yes I called it again…….


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The Poetry of Sarah Palin

inspired by slate magazine‘s previous endeavor, i have gone through the debate for the sole purpose of sharing to the world the beauty that is sarah palin’s poetry.

everything that is below, has been taken verbatim from the debates.

What he is

Look, the maverick

Let’s talk about the maverick John McCain is

And, again, I love him

He’s been a maverick

Backwards Joe

Say it ain’t so, Joe,

There you go again

Pointing backwards again

The Joke

A lame attempt at a joke

And yours was a lame attempt at a joke, too

I guess

Because nobody got it

Take a Look at my Achilles Heel

But even more important

Is that world view that I share with John McCain

The Media Will Prove You Wrong

I think tomorrow morning

the pundits are going to start

do the who said what

at what time

and we’ll have proof of some of this

Be Free

mainstream media

kind of telling viewers

what they’ve just heard

i’d rather be able to just speak

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Did she really just wink at us?

well gosh darn! say it ain’t so…

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