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McCain’s FU to Palin?

anyone else watch mccain on SNL and wonder why the heck is he allowing fey rip apart palin?

the gawker suggests that this was mccain’s attempt to get back at palin for her absolutely pathetic performance. as don allen talked about several weeks ago, palin has essentially gone rogue, she’s been critical of the way mccain has handled the campaign and critical of the way she was shielded from the media by mccain’s staff. she’s basically been running for 2012 at mccain’s expense.

this definitely does come across as a hostile shot from mccain.

so what does that say about him? not only did was VP pick an abysmal failure, but he has also been utterly incapable of asserting control of his own campaign.

this is what happens when you give someone the second most important job in the country after meeting her only once.

i had to go through more interviews and more hoops than palin, when i applied for a job at the local mall.


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Palin refuses to call abortion bombers “terrorists”

as uncle johnny watches on….

edited to add the rest of what she said:

i dont know if you use the word terrorist. It’s unacceptable, and it would not be condoned, of course, on our watch. But if what you’re asking is if I regret referring to Bill Ayers as an unrepenting domestic terrorist, I don’t regret characterizing him as that.

how bout this question for sarah:

is timothy mcveigh a terrorist?

“i dont know if i would call him a terrorist. It’s unacceptable, and it would not be condoned, of course, on our watch. But if what you’re asking is if I regret referring to Bill Ayers as an unrepenting domestic terrorist, I don’t regret characterizing him as that.”

or how bout if obama was asked:

do you believe that bill ayers is a terrorist and his plot to blow up government buildings constitutes terrorism?

“i dont know if i would call him a terrorist. It’s unacceptable, and it would not be condoned, of course, on our watch.”

how would that fly?

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McCain/Palin: Con them!

SNL had some fun with the “Crazy McCain Lady” last  week, you know, the woman who insisted to McCain’s face that she was afraid of Barrack Obama because he was an Arab. Maybe you just laughed it off as some goofy woman who managed to escape the institution and ended up at McCains rally, or maybe, just maybe, you don’t think she’s crazy at all.

Unfortunately, she may be more representative of the electorate than most of us would care to believe, and that could be a big problem for Senator Obama.

McCain is losing this race on the issues, on his poor choice for Vice President, on his erratic behavior, and on his inability to connect with middle class voters. However there is a place where McCain, and the republican spin machine  feel they might just have a chance to steal the election. A dark place.  A place where good Christian people try hard not to think about.  A place that exists in the hearts and minds of uninformed easily manipulated people who can be scared into making irrational decisions.

How many times do we read about the little old lady or man who lost their fortunes to some con-man promising everything while taking everything but the shirts on their backs.  Like the late Paul Newman in the Sting once said, “The mark never knows what hits him in a good con”.

McCain and Palin are shooting for the “GOOD CON.”

Since they can’t win on merit, McCain and Palin opted for intimidating and scaring voters into beliving an absolute pack of lies about Barrack Obama in hopes of manipulating the minds of those voters who lead simple lives and fear anything or anybody that may not look like themselves.

It isn’t a mistake that people at McCain/Palin rallies are calling Obama a terrorist, its a design. It’s not a mistake that the Mcain/Palin campaign is “ROBO” calling thousands of people with a quick statement as to Obama’s “terrorist ties”, it’s by design. It isn’t a mistake that every low level McCain spokesman continues to evoke the idea of Obama’s association with Bill Ayers as somehow related to “terrorist activity”, it’s by design. It’s designed to provoke distrust and hatred.

It’s one thing for McCain to want to win the election but quite another to incite people with limited capacity to separate rhetoric from truth about your opponent. To literally scare a senior citizen, or a poorly educated factory worker into believing that Barrack Obama is a demon they must fear is no better than a con-man.


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The Poetry of Sarah Palin

inspired by slate magazine‘s previous endeavor, i have gone through the debate for the sole purpose of sharing to the world the beauty that is sarah palin’s poetry.

everything that is below, has been taken verbatim from the debates.

What he is

Look, the maverick

Let’s talk about the maverick John McCain is

And, again, I love him

He’s been a maverick

Backwards Joe

Say it ain’t so, Joe,

There you go again

Pointing backwards again

The Joke

A lame attempt at a joke

And yours was a lame attempt at a joke, too

I guess

Because nobody got it

Take a Look at my Achilles Heel

But even more important

Is that world view that I share with John McCain

The Media Will Prove You Wrong

I think tomorrow morning

the pundits are going to start

do the who said what

at what time

and we’ll have proof of some of this

Be Free

mainstream media

kind of telling viewers

what they’ve just heard

i’d rather be able to just speak

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Did she really just wink at us?

well gosh darn! say it ain’t so…

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Shhh…don’t say that out loud

remember in the debates when mccain chastized obama for saying that he’d launch strikes in pakistan?

well here’s mccain and palin trying to excuse her same exact statement:

“We had a great discussion with President Zardari as we talked about what it is that America can and should be doing together to make sure that the terrorists do not cross borders and do not ultimately put themselves in a position of attacking America again or her allies,” said Palin. “And we will do what we have to do to secure the United States of America and her allies.”

“Is that something you shouldn’t say out loud, Sen. McCain?” asked Couric.

“Of course not,” replied McCain. “But, look, I understand this day and age of ‘gotcha’ journalism. Is that a pizza place? In a conversation with someone who you didn’t hear … the question very well, you don’t know the context of the conversation, grab a phrase. Gov. Palin and I agree that you don’t announce that you’re going to attack another country …”

“Are you sorry you said it?” questioned Couric.

“… and the fact …” trailed McCain.

“Governor?” asked Couric.

“Wait a minute,” interrupted McCain. “Before you say, ‘is she sorry she said it,’ this was a ‘gotcha’ sound bite that, look …

“It wasn’t a ‘gotcha,'” said Couric. “She was talking to a voter.”

watch the clip here.

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The Embarrassment

sarah palin should only be allowed to talk about moose.

as the LA times states:

In a 40-minute session with Couric that aired Wednesday and Thursday nights, the Alaska governor defended her puzzling claim that geographic proximity makes her some sort of expert on Russia; went nearly blank when queried about McCain’s achievements as a big-business regulator; agreed America “may find itself” on the road to another Great Depression; and, promoting a troop surge in Afghanistan, casually suggested that it “will lead us to victory there, as it has proven to have done in Iraq.”

watch it here:…Interview.html…n4479062.shtml

transcript here:

absolutely laughable.

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