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20th Century McCain Hates 21st Century McCain

something switched off in john mcCain’s head at the end of the millenium.

something switched that made him, over the last decade, consistently pander to the far-right, religious conservative wing of the republican party.

something switched and made him break his promises and commitments and values, and utterly derail his straight-talk express.

the 20th century john mccain has been replaced with a man who changes positions on a whim, sometimes within the same interview.

he’s been replaced by a man who rarely if ever admits that he was wrong and instead goes on the attack and claims that reporters are putting words in his mouth.

his one consistency is his support for the iraq war, and yet, he was wrong for the reasons to invade, he was wrong about it being easy, he was wrong about it going well, and he continues to be wrong about his escalation/”surge”.

21st century mccain doesn’t learn from his mistakes, this mccain either denies that he ever made them, or he compounds the mistake by making new ones (i.e. iraq).

the purpose of this blog is to do more than just knock mccain off his pedestal. it is also going to show that this guy is not the john mccain of before. that john mccain would hate this john mccain.

this john mccain is not the mccain independents love, this john mccain is a bush sycophant, and a loathsome panderer of the special interest groups.

so let’s hop on his straight-talk express, and watch it crash and burn….


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