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This is it!!!

you nervous?

i’m nervous.

i really don’t want to blog about this guy for the next four years.

p.s. if anyone has an extra guest pass for the obama rally in chicago, please let me know. email me at mccainwatch “at” gmail dot com.

thank you!


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A note about comments

i have absolutely no problem if people have critical things to say about this website or about obama, you’re entirely free to speak your mind.

but i will not tolerate racial epithets and/or derogatory comments against either of the presidential candidates.

i have deleted several comments which attacked obama’s race, and i have also deleted one comment that was nothing more than a stream of curse words against john mccain.

there’s plenty to critique all around when it comes to this election, there’s absolutely no reason anyone has to resort to petty namecalling.

thank you

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Guest Blogger!

fighting john mccain is a 25/7 marathon, there’s dozens of things to criticize him about, and frankly i don’t have the time to keep hitting him.

but with the election creeping up on us, we cannot afford to slack here.

so i would like to introduce Maverick Watch’s first guest blogger, Don Allen, to help keep up the good fight.

stay tuned…


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