…And the winner is:AMERICA

232 years ago a few brave men had the audacity to propose a radical concept that all men were created equal.  Most of these men contemplated the idea while African slaves they owned toiled under the harshest conditions from sun up to sun set to bring them wealth. Had Barrack Obama been alive during this time he would have lived his entire life as the property of his slave master.

148 years ago Barrack Obama would have been judged to have enough negro heritage to be considered a slave with no human rights in the southern half ofthis nation. In the Northern half he would have been considered a second class citizen of little value as a human being.

50 years ago there were states where Barrack Obama wouldn’t have been allowed to urinate in the same bathroom as a white man.

Tomorrow, Barrack Obama may be elected to the Presidency of the United States of America.

Obviously the votes need to be counted and John McCain is a worthy opponent who could upset Obama and win the office, but regardless, this election is a defining moment in the history of this country and humanity.

If Barrack Obama should be elected, it would prove beyond any doubt that the vision layed down by our founding fathers was more than revolutionary, instead, bordering on divine enlightenment. To construct a set of documents from the “Declaration of Independence” to the “U.S. Constitution” providing future generations with words so powerful that they can manage the lives of millions of people or provide for the security of one, is by definition genius.

We are on the precipice of witnessing the ultimate achievement of men who believed in the God given rights of all men to be free to pursue their individual dreams based upon their natural ability without prejudice, malice, or social status.  The American Dream has become reality.

Don allen






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One response to “…And the winner is:AMERICA

  1. Bo Diddley

    If Barack Obama is elected, can we finally put Sharpton and Jackson behind us as well? If that’s the trade off for suffering through 4 years of liberal rule it might be worth it. Let’s face it, beyond the feel good moment, the election of Barack Obama will change very little. We have had liberals running this country in the past. We will have conservatives succeed them again in the future. What one party sets asunder the other supposedly rectifies. Of course that is never the case, they just do their power grab, make their promises and then fail to deliver. Obama, Pelosi and Reid are woefully inept and will eventually send this country back to the far right. Still the question begs. If we can be done with Sharpton and Jackson, is the temporary ruination of America worth that? Maybe. In that regard, perhaps we are on the precipice of change. Extortionists are going to have a harder sell.

    Ohhhh and let’s not forget… liberals will suddenly cease their incessant America bashing. It’s going to be laughable to see how suddenly the rhetoric goes from… “We suck! We’re doomed!” to … “Everything is fine, we’re doing great!” Fucking hilarious.

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