Every time you look up at the sky, an angel dies

what is this “projector” mccain keeps railing about? every single debate, he and palin have complained about obama providing federal funds for the adler planetarium’s “overhead projector”.

so what is this earmark?

this pork mccain is charging against?

this is it:


that’s the “overhead projector”.

as msnbc explains:

Anyone who’s been to a planetarium knows that a planetarium projector is an incredibly complex and expensive device, and not your garden-variety overhead projector. Two years ago, the Los Angeles Times reported that the Griffith Observatory’s new projector cost more than $3 million. Total cost of the Griffith’s renovation: $93 million.

In response to McCain’s comments, the Adler Planetarium issued a truth-squad statement today. Adler President Paul Knappenberger noted that the Griffith Observatory as well as New York’s Hayden Planetarium received federal funding to replace their projection systems, according to the Chicago Tribune.

perhaps even more revealing than mccain’s dismissal of this “overhead projector” is his contempt for planetariums themselves, which he has called “foolishness”.

it’s foolish for people to gaze up at the sky?

right, because that’s how angels die.


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