Abortion – Who’s the real radical here?

“In short, Senator Obama is a politician who has long since left behind even the middle ground on the issue of life….He hopes that you won’t notice how radical, absolutely radical his idea is on this, and his record is, until it’s too late.” ~ sarah palin 10/11/08

an ad in missouri

obama’s the radical, even though it’s mccain who wants to overturn roe vs wade and it’s mccain who wants a constitutional amendment to ban abortion.

in fact, since his time in office, john mccain has been against reproductive choice 125 out of 130 times.

but no that’s not radical, even though the majority of americans are pro-choice.

palin herself is unsure how un-radical she is.

at one point she said that women who were raped or are the victim of incest should be allowed to abort, but at another point she said that she’s opposed to abortion even in those situations (see link here).

and once again, that’s something that the vast majority (86% according to a time poll) of americans disagree with.

but going against the will of the people isn’t radical.

it’s “mavericky”, right?


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