Karl Rove: Bullys John McCain

I can only imagine Karl Rove lurking menacingly in some dinky, dark concrete bunker, buried hundreds of feet below Pennsylvania Ave in the heart of the nations capitol.  Naturally Dick Cheney’s coffin with the natural dirt from his original burial site is located in the cavern next door, but for now lets concentrate on Rove.

Technically Rove is not involved in the McCain campaign, (loud cough, exhales grunt that sounds suspiciously like the word “Bull#%T”) However, we know that sinister forces are at work guiding the terrorist rhetoric flowing from the lips of John McCain and Sarah Palin like diarrhea from a baby that just ingested a box of crayons. We know this for two reasons, first, John McCain has enough trouble just trying to remember what day it is and that Spain is a friend of the United States, and Palin still has to refer to the crib notes scribbled in the palm of her hand when addressing, well, anyone actually. The point, These two couldn’t formulate a plan of attack on an ant hill with a can of Raid in one hand and a shovel in the other. They are by definition, being led by the horns by someone in their campaign, that someone is KARL ROVE.

I suspected something was up at the end of last week when Rove climbed out of his FOX hole last week to enlighten the American people that according to his map, Obama was winning 273 electoral votes. The red flag immediately popped into my mind as a long time observer of “the architect” (may I add) “of destruction.”  See, the architect doesn’t make announcements like that unless he has a plan to follow up the message, and the message is clear:

To all who fear black men, democrats, and commie pigs, Obama has taken the lead, and we must stop him at all costs.

This was step one in the process, a necessary announcement by the Grand Wizard of the Republican revolutionary guard. Next of course was to get the talking points out to the fair and balanced “Right Stream Media” for prompt delivery to Bill O’Righty’s “folks,”  “Limbaugh’s losers,” and “Hannity’s Insanity’s” who swallow every piece of “Great American” jerk seed thrown in their direction like  penned sheep in a petting zoo. The final step was to teach the propped up leadership of the Republican party – McCain/Palin – to tow the line and deliver the message which they have managed to do even if only half believing the garbage themselves.

Confident that calling Obama a terrorist because he sat on a fund raising board with Bill Ayres, (which was funded in part by a grant from the federal government) and attended a tea party hosted by Ayres 12 years ago somehow aligned the 8 year old Obama with a man who set off bombs in the late 1960’s.  Is this Stupid?

The answer is surprisingly enough, NO!!!!!!!!   Not from Karl Rove’s perspective, because Rove knows that his core, his vaunted republican base, aren’t stupid, THEY ARE AFRAID.  Afraid of blacks, afraid of liberals, afraid of homosexuals, afraid of strangers, and most importantly afraid of CHANGE.

Rove knows that as sure as you’re reading this blog. He panders to that fear, he’s counting on that fear to motivate the poor people who sit at home and listen to Rush Limbaugh rant hatred of a political party that he single handily has demonized to the minds of his listeners. Rove knows that if he pushes hard enough he will get these people to the polls on November 4th to counter the terrorist Obama and save America from becoming a communist state. 

Karl Rove is a political bully. He bully’s presidential candidates, he bully’s his own party and worst of all he bully’s the republican constituency all the while hiding in his cave or appearing in the Fox hole with that despicable smirk on his face claiming that he doesn’t have a clue as to why people think he’s involved. 

It’s too bad John McCain isn’t man enough to stand up to Rove and call him out on his bullying tactics, thank goodness Barack Obama isn’t afraid of him.





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4 responses to “Karl Rove: Bullys John McCain

  1. K

    “Naturally Dick Cheney’s coffin with the natural dirt from his original burial site is located in the cavern next door, but for now lets concentrate on Rove.”

    Best line ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bo Diddley

    Does anybody read this, or do you guys just lather up each other’s bungholes with this fantastical tripe?

  3. MJ

    Bo – you are reading it, aren’t you?

    Anyway, back to the blog, that sad thing is that there is a large percentage of Americans who are fairly uneducated, and that makes it easier for the “bullies” to instill fear in them. Lets hope the American people are smart enough not to fall for it this time.

  4. well doggone diggity gone, bo! there ya go again! don’t pout.

    i’m sure palin will be ready in four years.

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