Sarah BARRACUDA, watch out John McCain

In politics one adage defines the career of a politician more than any other, that would be:

                                                             “DOG EAT DOG”

Of the little we do know about Sarah Palin, we know for sure that she is not above throwing someone under the bus to advance her own political career, she did that in Alaska by ratting out some in her party for so called “abuses” which got her the name as a reformer.  We know that the people of Alaska give her tremendous support and think shes the best thing since sliced bread, but we also know that people in both parties are leery of getting on Sarah’s bad side and those especially in her party don’t trust her.

This is interesting because over the last 2 days two seemingly innocent remarks, or non remarks can be attributed to Sarah that could make one scratch at the head and go hmmmmmmmm……

The first comes in the form of a non-remark and goes back to the V.P. debate. Simply put, Sarah didn’t really come to John McCain’s defense very much when attacked by Joe Biden, and almost gleefully chided McCain when talking about drilling in An war. Couple that with her new found acceptance of civil unions for gays and one might just say that she dosen’t  seem in lock step with John in a time when she really needs to be supportive.

The second and much more telling remarks:

…come in the form of bewilderment from Sarah as to why the McCain campaign would stop campaigning in Michigan, a state they must have in order to win the election.  The subtleties of her remarks tell volumes about her state of mind, the McCain’s state of the campaign, and most importantly McCain’s real view of Sarah Palin.  

First examine the disrespect showed Palin by the McCain camp dissing her on the news that the campaign pulled Michigan. According to Palin she read about it in the newspapers.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that McCains people view Sarah as a side show to amuse the public, and NOT a player in the campaign. If this kind of disrespect was handed to Joe Biden by the Obama camp, Biden would rip their hearts out.

Giving Sarah some credit here, she has recognized the snub and more importantly has probably come to the conclusion that she is not highly thought of by the Karl Rove campaign staff and that her opinions on such matters are not considered at all.  Hence, Sarah, who remember,, is not dumb by any stretch of the imagination, may have decided that she had best start looking out for herself and her future since regardless of the presidential race outcome this is McCains final shot. So here we have sweet little Sarah basically shooting a moose across the bow of her boss’s ship in effect telling the camp that they are dead wrong on Michigan, and better think twice about making such an announcement before confering with her. Strong Stuff from the little lady.

Back to the debate for a moment:

Lost in the circus like atmosphere of the medias big ring wonder tent, the world watched in awe to see if the gorgeous trapeze girl would plunge 80 feet to her demise in her virgin leap off the political platform. She didn’t of course. However, if you watch closely, and listen closely, you saw something of a diversion by Sarah Palin that went right over the tops of the medias most savoy pun-dents. The subliminal message you received from Sarah Palin was not firm conviction of her fearless leader, but instead, a warm embrace of her opponent Joe Biden, and a singular message to the American people that “I Sarah Palin, have arrived.” 

Now, its been two days since the debate, and people aren’t talking about John McCain’s great plans for America, they’re saying to themselves, “That Palin woman didn’t seem to bad, after-all, I think she has a real future in national politics.”  Sarah took care of Sarah.

Now follow that up with the Michigan remarks and you begin to see a picture emerging that isn’t very flattering to John McCain, the risk of putting a MAVERICK on your ticket is that you could get stabbed in the back, he has.

Now the final point on McCains suicide trip out of Michigan, his campaign is effectively over, (barring some incredible lapse in judgement by Obama in the next few weeks) McCain is sliding faster than a White Castle hamburger down the gullet of a Saturday night drunk.  It was a huge mistake for the campaign to admit defeat in Michigan because defeatism spreads like wildfire and the republican base will sit out the election if they feel little hope in making a difference, I’m sure we will see a correction in the coming days as to the wordplay on this but, the damage may well have been done.

D.G Allen, yes I called it again…….



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4 responses to “Sarah BARRACUDA, watch out John McCain

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  2. PaulV

    Cnn & Msnbc, were yelled at by the obama camp on
    They are not allowed to report Rezko & Ayers,,

    Only fox will report on it, Barack obama called and said, if you report on these issues he can lose the election,

    Palin is not Lying about barack obama,
    Just MSM refuse to report obama and Ayers, & Rezko CNN & Msnbc refuse to, report any negative issues about Obama, Both CNN and MSNBC , or on the obama campaign, just like Kieth Oberman & chris mathews

  3. can you slow down and try to be a bit more coherent, paul? i have no idea what you’re talking about right now.

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