The Poetry of Sarah Palin

inspired by slate magazine‘s previous endeavor, i have gone through the debate for the sole purpose of sharing to the world the beauty that is sarah palin’s poetry.

everything that is below, has been taken verbatim from the debates.

What he is

Look, the maverick

Let’s talk about the maverick John McCain is

And, again, I love him

He’s been a maverick

Backwards Joe

Say it ain’t so, Joe,

There you go again

Pointing backwards again

The Joke

A lame attempt at a joke

And yours was a lame attempt at a joke, too

I guess

Because nobody got it

Take a Look at my Achilles Heel

But even more important

Is that world view that I share with John McCain

The Media Will Prove You Wrong

I think tomorrow morning

the pundits are going to start

do the who said what

at what time

and we’ll have proof of some of this

Be Free

mainstream media

kind of telling viewers

what they’ve just heard

i’d rather be able to just speak


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One response to “The Poetry of Sarah Palin

  1. Dishonorable Diss Charge
    by Sayv1

    Let’s restore honor to honesty and hone our beliefs
    that our honey is sweet and our hundred monkey theory
    and meem making devices mean lies and deceit can seem
    real for time before they dematerialize into white steam and heat.
    It seems that I’m inspired again, not chastised by chagrins
    of charlattans whose honor is weak, honest to pete!
    My feet is sore and bleeding from all the nonsense we’ve seen,

    What a metaphor that stores the data that a message is complete
    Anaphorally speaking, and as Obama would speak, and honor could be
    shored up in due course and tied with cord to honesty. honestly. Honor these
    Words and sentences, hence the blended beat recommends a second read. For a
    more studiously ridiculed pour over or some sort of comprehension at least.
    This wasn’t sent from the beast but inspired by the Pleaides.
    This is the plea I feel and thus this is the plea I read. Listen if you please.
    This is just a tease for what you get when we finally meet.

    I share story with first nations teachings, bonfirelit meetings
    tears on the cheeks and hearts move together in beating
    Like reiki or spanking our connection makes your energy move
    I’ll berate the fake uncle yankee in the same shrewd breath as my prayer
    in tune with the suns penumbra magnetic arithmathematicca where
    I glow brighter when phoenetics used phrenetically scare
    The canned laughter speech written bullshitting RNC chair

    The McCain camp can’t compare couldn’t stand wouldn’t dare
    to duly duel, as dookie talking “duty walking” bullies are inflated with air
    First we said it ain’t fair, and now we’ve got a message to bare,
    internetted and fully vetted for truth with no comparable flare
    to pretty headed lipstick smeared pigs as your proof.
    John McCain, this is YOUR glass roof.
    You lied and and now its forever embedded in time.
    You shamed yourself for party lines and lies reveal character flaws
    so deeply buried inside that they’ll never dislodge…

    John McCain
    This is your Dishonorable Diss Charge.

    Pun intended and construed

    This is Sayv1 and as for this message:

    I approve.

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