The republican BLACK HOLE….

No, not the space between Sarah Palin’s ears, that’s just silly…

I’m referring to the vast energy source that seems to suck all reference from  REPUBLICANS to President George Bush, the worst president in history, or the failed leadership of a republican congress for the first six years of his administration. The great source of power that sucks any mention of  republican failed policies which have lead to economic disaster from the lips of Sean Insanity, Bill O’Righty, or Rush Bimbo as they BLOVIATE about how the damn democrats and of course Bill Clinton are to blame for the mess. How a war, started by republicans, ran by republicans, reversed course by republicans, tanked by republicans, surged by republicans, and still remains in virtual limbo, from republican leadership, will lose if democrats take over.  

It truly is an amazing thing to witness as republicans won’t even acknowledge that the President of the United States is republican.  It’s like they hope no one will notice.  Like the guy who cheats on his wife, gets caught zipping his pants in front of naked woman,  and denies, denies,  denies… If he denies it enough, maybe she’ll believe it didn’t really happen. 

Criminals do this, they swear up and down that they didn’t commit a crime until they believe their own B.S.  

What we see here is a republican party that has literally brought our great nation to its knees and much like Bart Simpson, claim “They didn’t do it”. 

YES YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is your fault republicans. The war is your fault! The economy tanking is your fault. People losing their homes is your fault! Oil companies making obscene profits is your fault! Bin Laden still on the loose is your fault! The nations infrastructure falling apart is your fault! The outrageous deficit is your fault! Russia regaining cold war status is your fault!!! …And you know something else blame Clinton all you want, 911 happened on your watch, own it.

I’m sick and tired of your Rush Bimbo and company’s 30 million dollar spew machines fabricating boldfaced lies, racial attacks, and obscenely inflammatory rhetoric spins blaming the entire fault of your lousy policies on someone other than yourselves. Take responsibility for your actions for a change, stop blaming every else. Americans are tired of your fair and balanced refusal to accept responsibility for setting the country back 25 years, and we are sick of your lies and deceit.

Your candidate for President has proved himself to be a pandering opportunist who thinks the American people are children excited by the mere mention of Mighty Mouse coming to save the day.  Well, here’s a message for the core, Americans have grown up in the last eight years and were tired of being treated like goofs, were not going to take it any more and the first thing were going to do is band together as Americans and stick all of you in the black hole you’ve so righteously created. 

D.G Allen.



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3 responses to “The republican BLACK HOLE….

  1. Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. K

    Yes, Yes, and Yes!!!

    To be fair, the Democrats did follow these guys like sheep. They haven’t had any backbone to stand up to these guys.

    You made my day!

  3. Dotsay

    My favorite quote of yours: “Americans have grown up in the last eight years and were tired of being treated like goofs”.
    Thank You!

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