there’s plenty of blame to go around, but only one man said that he would deliver the bailout package:

john mccain.

before the bailout his campaign had said:

“[T]his bill would not have been agreed to had it not been for John McCain. … But, you know, this is a bipartisan accomplishment, a bipartisan success. And if people want to get something done in Washington, they just watch John McCain.” — Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, 9/29/08

“Earlier in the week, when Senator McCain came back to Washington, there had been no deal reached. … What Senator McCain was able to do was to help bring all the parties to the table, including the House Republicans.” — Senior adviser Steve Schmidt, 9/28/08

“But here are the facts, and I’m not overselling anything. The fact is that the House Republicans were not in the mix at all. John didn’t phone this one in. He came and actually did something. … You can’t phone something like this in. Thank God John came back.” — Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), 9/28/08

“Before John McCain suspended his campaign yesterday, the situation that we’re looking at today looked very different then. After he showed leadership and called for bipartisanship, for us to partisanship aside and tackle this solution head on, here we are.” — Spokesman Tucker Bounds, 9/25/08

needless to say, john mccain failed to deliver. pelosi, despite all of her flaws and despite being one of the worst leaders ever, actually delivered her end of the bargain: she managed to get 60% of democrats to vote in favor of the bill.

john mccain failed to get his own party to fulfill his wishes.  his heroic effort to suspend the campaign, cancel his appearance on david letterman , and push himself into every possible photo-op turned out to be an abysmal failure.

the simple fact is that john mccain did not deliver.

well maybe there’s a silver lining to this. as atrios at eschaton writes:

“Obviously Sarah Palin needs to skip Thursday’s debate so she can go to Washington and negotiate a deal.”

yes, please save us johnny.


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