McCain’s Entitlement: The Presidency

What the last 2 weeks should have taught the American people about John McCain is that an attitude of entitlement as emerged from his campaign. Beginning with his declaration that “the economy is fundamentally strong,” to his self appointed position as “messianic overseer” of the congressional economic bailout, to his flippant disregard for the importance of the presidential debates, McCain believes he should be anointed and not elected president.

As Dick Morris, a avid contributor to Fox News and a frequent guest on the Bill O’Reilly show pointed out last week (paraphrased) “McCain sees himself has a knight on a white horse coming to save the day, a brilliant move.” I agree completely (though not for the same reasons) with Dick Morris a former Bill Clinton adviser turn political pundit who is usually wrong to such degree that it amazes me Fox still cuts him a check. 

McCain doesn’t see himself as President, he sees himself as a mythical creation sent by the Gods to cure all of America’s woes in our greatest time of need. A “White Night” sent to battle the forces of darkness, (yes deliberate racial undertones, read them and curse the author)  John McCain, a man you can trust, as opposed to, well, you know who. John McCain, a man with all the answers, (albeit wrong 90% of the time if you judge them based on his voting record with George Bush.)

“MCCAIN, THE REFORMER.” “MCCAIN, THE MAVERICK.” “MCCAIN, THE STALWART.”   John McCain, everything to everybody…  How dare anyone question the natural ability of such a great man or deny his succession to the throne of the United Sates.

The culmination of this view should have been obvious to even the casual political observer at the Friday night debates. Even if you excuse his expressions of disdain for Obama, his scowls, his refusal to make eye contact, or his apparent contempt as “game face” or “disciplined concentration,” his words told the tale. “You’re naive,”  “you’re inexperienced,” “you don’t know what you’re talking about.”   Translation;  “You shouldn’t even be on the same stage as me, senator, you’re not worthy.”

Arrogance, elitism, snobbery, professorial dissertations, all characterizations heaped upon Barack Obama as disqualifications for the presidency are emerging as the natural attributes of John McCain. 

The utter and complete arrogance or worse, ignorance, of a sitting Senator to suggest that he, and only he can go to Washington and lead the the other ninety nine sitting Senators in a negotiation he knows nothing about was ludicrous, by any measure.   Was it elitism or stupidity when McCain sat silent with Obama and other leaders at the presidential invitation to discuss the bailout.  Was it snobbery or disrespect for McCain to hold a nation at bay while he decided whether or not the importance of debating an unworthy minion could be fit into his schedule.

McCain chafes with indignation when asked about his questionable vice presidential selection. He deflects questions about ads that blatantly lie about his opponent with retorts that Obama should participate in town meetings if he doesn’t like the lies. He defends his campaign staffs documented ties to lobbiests by suggesting that anyone who questions them are liars, and he has become increasingly unrepentant in defending a war that will enter its sixth year with out resolution. 

As November 4th nears it is becoming more and more apparent that John McCain is tired of the campaign, and tired of campaigning. He’s convinced himself that the presidency is his and the sooner he gets to it, the better off we will be.  It is so obvious to McCain that he is the only choice in this race, we the people, should be ashamed of ourselves for even considering an alternative.  At least the  American people can take solace in that regard, we do have an alternative.




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2 responses to “McCain’s Entitlement: The Presidency

  1. K

    Wow, you really nailed it!

  2. MJ

    Well said, there is nothing else that even needs to be added to that. I agree completely

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