Thanks for proving our point…

what a fiasco.

that’s all i can about mccain this week.

a walking talking fiasco.

from his transparent attempt to delay the debates (for the good of the country), to his inability to handle multiple crises at once, to his failure to lead even his own party, and to his VP pick utterly embarrassing herself this week, john mccain has proven why he cannot and should not be president of the united states.

salon magazine sums up the mess very nicely:

John McCain’s incoherent and opportunistic campaign, which he never “suspended” for 30 seconds, now poses an imminent threat to the world economy. Nobody in the McCain camp, including the policy-challenged candidate, seems able to articulate a firm position on how to restore the stability of the financial markets and prevent a catastrophic lending freeze.

Instead, the Arizona senator is running around trying to insert himself into photo ops and ingratiate himself with House Republicans whose only apparent objective is ideological obstruction. How can he provide leadership when his own viewpoint is increasingly opaque — and the only thing that remains clear is his desperation about his worsening poll position?

the bottomline is that john mccain showed why he’s a reactionary, not a leader. he’s shown that he’s an opportunist, not a maverick. a bully, not a team player.

oh, and a liar.

what the heck was up with him and letterman? for those who don’t know, mccain canceled his appearance on letterman at the very last minute,  allegedly because he had to rush over to washington and save the economy. as the NYT’s caucus explains:

Mr. Letterman told his audience that Senator McCain had called him directly on short notice Wednesday, to tell him he had to cancel his appearance. After expressing his admiration for Mr. McCain and his sacrifice as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, Mr. Letterman said, “When you call up at the last minute and cancel, that’s not the John McCain I know.” He repeated that “something smells right now” and he suggested “somebody must have put something in his Metamucil.

letterman’s sense of smell must be exceptional, because it turns out that mccain was three blocks away getting interviewed by katie couric.

watch letterman’s reaction here (trust me, it’s great):

how on earth did mccain think he was going to get away with that kind of blatant lie? or does he just not care?

either way i have to thank him.

he just made our jobs at this blog that much easier…


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