The Madness of King John McCain.

I don’t often feel bad for a candidate in a presidential race though I did kind of feel bad that Gary Hart was as stupid as he was back in the eighties, but, today i actually felt bad for Barrack Obama. Not because of the presidential race, or his race, or anything related to policy issues.  No I felt bad for the guy because he had to stand in front of a bunch of reporters and respond to what by now most honest people will admit is”The Madness of King John McCain”.

I submit for proof in no particular order……….

John McCain: “Sarah Palin is very well qualified to be President.”     Hmmmm okay.

“The economy is fundamentally strong.”  ahhh, think you missed this one bud.

“We are all Georgians today.”  I don’t know about that John, wasn’t that what the doctors who removed the bullets from Ronald Reagan said, “today we’re all republicans.” Maybe you had a flash back or something.

(paraphrased) “Rick Davis, my campaign manager, never took money from Freddie Mac.” OOOPPPPSSS!!!!!!!

“We’ll stay in Iraq for a hundred years if we need too.”      Lordy!!

“We’re in a recession, I mean I don’t really know if we’re in a recession technically,” but most people think we are.”    (60 minutes)  I get you, I think…

“I’d fire the S.E.C chairman Cox,”  But, technically you can’t and even if you could he really only does what the president tells him to do, so why do we fire him?

1999: “De-regulation is good for the economy.”  2008: “We need more regulation.”     Good flip.

Today: I’m putting my campaign on hold. I will go to Washington.”    Ummmm, wasn’t that like Eisenhower or General MacArthur, who said he was going to Korea,,, In like the fifties?

Today: “I want to postpone the debates”   I agree completely, this is the worst time to educate the public, the less we know the better off we are.

…And so goes the dilemma for poor Barrack Obama, John McCain is nuts!  It’s becoming painfully obvious to the casual observer that his decisions are irrational, his outbursts are without context, and we the people aren’t allowed to say the obvious because he was a war hero.

…And he was a great war hero and no one would disparage his honorable service.  But somewhere in the last few months John has been drifting in and out of the twilight zone, and the result is a very respectful Barrack Obama standing at a podium suggesting that a president should be able to multi-task. Instead of saying what many of us are thinking, which is, “I don’t have a clue what McCain is doing or talking about but I’m sure in this day and age of telephones, airplanes, and fax machines we don’t necessarily have to hold any-ones hand in Washington to pass the economic bailout.”




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3 responses to “The Madness of King John McCain.

  1. MJ

    This is hilarious!! I think that Obama has done an excellent job of remaining graceful and tactful during McCain’s mental collapse. Seriously though, the guy is 72 years old, he can’t be expected to remember what he says from one day to the next; or to know whats going on in the country. It’s a good thing we’ve got Palin there to run the country…oh wait…nevermind.

  2. Dotsay

    “Georgians?” sounds like a Beatle’s song to me. I thought McCain liked ABBA “Money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world”.

  3. K

    I am very thankful King McCain is taking time off. It makes me dizzy trying to keep up with his newest flipflop.

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