McCain’s Incredible Grasp of the Obvious

This is why John McCain should be the next President of the United States. His long awaited first news conference in six weeks was direct, to the point, and totally useless, unless ofcourse you just turned on the television for the first time in two weeks.

With all the seriousness of a great commander he boldly informed the American people that we were in big financial trouble. (Who’d of thunk.) …And that each American was going to have to come up with $10,000 to bail out the wonder boys of Wall street who screwed up the worlds economy.

Here’s the problem John, we know… For the last nine days all anyone has talked about is the bail out and the burden which will pick the pockets of each of us.  But, John McCain wants to look presidential and in keeping to his reoccurring theme of “straight talk” he proceeded to lay out five incredible, intuitive, brilliant, superfluous, amazing points that need to be adhered to if he was to support the bailout bill.

These points were well thought out, made complete sense, oh, and could have been scribbled in crayon by a C – average 7th grader killing time in detention.

McCain stearnly pointed out that we need “OVERSIGHT” of the 700 billion dollars and know where that money is spent. This is truly a republican revelation because even the “great decider” George Bush didn’t think to have “Oversight” be part of the bailout, Thank God for John McCain. BUT, it dosen’t end there, imagine this and hold on to your hat….. John McCain is calling for ceo’s to limit the amount of income they can make by being bailed out of their mess to “the highest paid salary of an elected official in Washington”.   Now that could be a problem because Vice President Dick Cheney” gets a few extra million from his old contractor buddies every year so I thing McCain needs to clarify that one a bit, but you got to like the way he thinks.

In addition, he insists that no earmarks be part of the bill, especially anything that may be directed at the dirty people that caused this mess in the first place, you know,,, people who wanted to own homes.  That would be bad, and of no help in this time of economic crisis.

Finally, McCain insists on transparency, and accountability, so much in fact, that all Americans can look up the plan on the Internet, (if they want) to see how the government pissed away their 700 billion dollars. This folks is not just imaginative, it’s revolutionary.  Just think, you’re about to lose your house, probably facing bankruptcy, but because of John McCain’s contribution to this Wall street bailout, you can look on the internet and see where every dollar of the 700 billion to save the hides of rich people who charged you 3 times the normal rate of interest for your house, is being spent….. Imagine how good you will feel…   Is there any question who should be our next leader….?




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4 responses to “McCain’s Incredible Grasp of the Obvious

  1. K

    My biggest question about this bailout is why can’t congress take the time to do this “right” instead of rushing to be finished by friday?
    Reminds me of the Patriot Act. Rush it thru and watch us all get screwed!

    Nice Blog!

  2. MJ

    Of course McCain should be the next president! He’s the only one determined enough to make a speech outlining everything we need to do during this crisis without taking the time to learn the facts. America needs a steadfast decision maker who wont let that pesky research and fact-gathering get in the way of a monumental decision. It’s worked for the last 8 years!

  3. Dotsay

    If government can bail out companies that went under because of the mortgage scams then why can’t they bail out the homeowners that are forced to loose their homes because of the same mortgage scams? Let’s take those $700 billions and spread it out to the homeowners that are forced to go in foreclosure! There will be less bankruptcies, less foreclosures and money will be rolling back into the lenders pockets.
    Nice article!

  4. Dirtypaw

    You left me speechless. Great blog.

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