About that fundamentally strong economy…

after declaring that the economy is fundamentally sound 18 times this past year, including yesterday when the dow jones dropped 500 something points, mccain has now decided to clarify his statements:

“My opponents may disagree, but those fundamentals – the American worker, the innovation, the entrepreneurship, the small business – are the fundamentals of America and I think they are strong.”


that’s his gauge for a healthy U.S. economy?

not the $9.6 tril debt, or the massive unemployment, or the collapse of major financial institutions, or soaring cost of food and oil and basic goods and services.

but innovation.


what happens after an entrepreneur comes up with an innovative new product? where does he get his loan in today’s market? from washington mutual?

and where does that strong american worker get a job in todays market place? are they just too lazy to find work?

well, if you asked mccain that two years ago, he’d probably have said yes. here’s a video of him claiming that americans wouldn’t bother to work even if he paid us $50 an hour:


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  1. great points…(but even scarier eyeballs). It looks like this election is being forced to deal with the economy. But as Americans I hope this has made us take a look at our own personal economies

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