Hagee’s Apology

john hagee has finally apologized for calling the catholic church the great satan.

no word yet if he will change his mind on these other statements:

“all Muslims have a mandate to kill Christians and Jews.” [NPR Fresh Air, 9/18/06]

or his plans to have a “slave sale” (yes, seriously):

Hagee, pastor of the 16,000-member Cornerstone Church, last week had announced a “slave sale” to raise funds for high school seniors in his church bulletin, “The Cluster.”

The item was introduced with the sentence “Slavery in America is returning to Cornerstone” and ended with “Make plans to come and go home with a slave.”

or about hurricane katrina:

“All hurricanes are acts of God because God controls the heavens. I believe that New Orleans had a level of sin that was offensive to God and
they were recipients of the judgment of God for that.” [NPR Fresh Air, 9/18/06]

and finally about women:

“Do you know the difference between a woman with PMS and a snarling Doberman pinscher? The answer is lipstick. Do you know the difference between a terrorist and a woman with PMS? You can negotiate with a terrorist.” [God’s Profits: Faith, Fraud and the Republican Crusade for Values Voters, Sarah Posner]

or how bout his hopes and dreams to start the apocalypse? did he change his mind on those too?

when mccain was asked about hagee by o’reilly of all people, mccain pointedly condemned hagee’s anti-catholic remarks but remained silent on his anti-gay statements.

O’REILLY: OK. John Hagee is a guy…


O’REILLY: …that you sought his endorsement in San Antonio, Texas. He said bad things about Catholics and gays and other things like that. And your opponents are saying, hey, you know, McCain hangs around with Hagee. Obama hangs around Wright. No difference.

MCCAIN: I do not embrace a view that he stated about the Catholic church. I steadfastly reject it and repudiate it. I’ve never been in Pastor Hagee’s church. I know him, but the fact is that I accept his endorsement.

and what about these other statements johnny?

you got nothing to say on these either?


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