Like, OMG!! The electionz totally over!

heidi montag from the hills has just totally endorsed john mccain! and not only thatz, but mccain also adores her!!

it’s so cute!! i like totally didn’t post this before! because i totally just thought no way!

no way is this NOT an april fools!!

but i was like totally wrong!!

so it all started when heidi goes:

“I’m a Republican and McCain has a lot of experience… I don’t think anyone cares who Heidi Montag votes for.”

but she was wrong!

john mccain did care!

“I’m honored to have Heidi’s support and I want to assure her that I never miss an episode of The Hills, especially since the new season started.”

and later on, he even went further!

“We were extraordinarily impressed at your ability to look right into the camera and lie about the fact that you’re a huge fan of The Hills,” host Joe Scarborough said (at 48 seconds into the video above). “Heidi Montag on your side – you got that going for you.”

“That was pretty good wasn’t it?” McCain replied. “Well, she’s a very talented actress.”

“He did it again!” Scarborough remarked.

tell me they don’t totally look adorablez guys!

(special thanks to dlisted for the pic)



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2 responses to “Like, OMG!! The electionz totally over!

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  2. Deek

    This is the real reason why Cheney couldn’t run. Holding a chick like her would melt his terminator-pacemaker.

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